Our first story in English!

Hello, Dear friends of  Dear Fauna!

One of my dreams is to reach everyone with more animal love. It destroys me psychologically to think everything that animals have to go through and I wanted to make a product that helps to reverse the way we see them because they are sentient beings and they deserve our respect.

I am very happy for this re-launch of our story for mobile devices, online and free –  the first of the Juana of the Fauna series – is already translated into English and is titled: “Princess of the Furry Kingdom”!

I made two videos:

The first – overcoming my phobia caused by the exposure – says that this awareness material can now also be used to practice the English language that opens so many doors and connects us to the global community. You can use it with your kids,your friend’s kids or students, both in schools and cultural spaces. It is very important for me that you actually see my face, so that you remember that I am thinking about this day and night and that I need you to improve this thing!

The second is to let the world know that in our country we are also interested in the protection of animals and that the story is ready to circulate. I imagine it as a tour of a rock band, but in this case, instead of punky singers, those who disembark in each city are: a girl, her human family and all her new furry siblings!

Here you have a key role: forward it to anyone you think you might like or find it useful. You can send them the video (that has the link), this note or the mailing you received, if you are subscribed. Or, if you downloaded the story to your mobile phone, you can forward it directly!

Something important to know … and I don’t know how to emphasize it anymore:

This series of stories is a work in progress. Or better yet, a living organism.

Is not perfect. It will change and learn.

It will improve as each person is encouraged to comment and give feedback.

That is why although putting my face in the video gives me a bit of phobia, it seems important to remember that behind every product in the world, there are people who make them.

In this case, people who want this animal protection message to arrive, and reach as far as possible, and to touch the readers hearts as deep as possible.

We have good intentions and we are pouring tons of love into this. Therefore, if you see something perfectible, you can tell us with love, and you will surely be helping a lot!

I want to virtually hug this amazing ladies I work with on this story series:

* Vale Montero,  illustrator.

* Noe Rivero, editor and literary advisor.

* Ceci Notaristéfano, identity designer.

* Lau Carrizo, translator.

If you read the story and some thought or idea triggers you (to improve it or make it go further), don’t hesitate to write to me, Mel, at faunaquerida@gmail.com

On the other hand, we are making this series of free access stories, free and downloadable for mobile devices, so that anyone (with or without resources) can access.

You can help us with a monthly contribution so that the quality becomes Holly Molly! 💪

Click on Patreon.com/FaunaQuerida

There you can choose to pay $ 1, $ 3, $ 7 or $ 11 per month, in exchange for rewards.


In gratitude for your monthly support, we offer you different benefits.

For example the behind the scenes of the creation of this series of stories, perspectives on the messages of each story, digital gifts and written thanks in the stories, the site and in social networks. Look at the example here.

We call our space in Patreon the “Gentile Queendom,” where I share the Gentile, cruelty-free lifestyle as a creative journey that fills me with joy and that I’d love to share with you.

The people who support us are the Gentile Humans and we grant them honorable noble and gentile titles, according to their contributions: Baroness or Baron, Countess or Count, Marchioness or Marquesse and Duchess or Duke!

This, for example, is my boyfriend Maui, who is also my first contributing Human Gentle (obvious) and who circulates the products of Dear Fauna wherever he goes.

You can see what we offer in this video (where I also made an effort to overcome phobias, and I think I won the Oscar to interact with imaginary animals, hahaha):

Thank you for reading here and for helping our children change the world of animals, evolving in the way we perceive them. I hope you like the story and find it useful.

And thanks to my Gentle Humans/Patreon backers for being the first to accompany us in this dream come true:

Ale Cordes, Eli Dam, Euge Otero, Jose Cuneo, Lore Zaga, Lulumka, Mariana Matija, Maui Alena, Mecha Bench, Paula Rotea, Pri Vaudagna, Ric Richardson, Verena Hammes.

You are DA best!

Huge, big hug,


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